Potato and chicken Pie Recipe

Potato and chicken Pie Recipe

Potato and chicken Pie Recipe

Ingredients and Quantity

Onions 1 medium size

Pasta about 11/2 cup


1/2 tin mushroom

Chicken cubes

Taken from 2 breast pieces of chicken

Soya sauce according to taste

1/2 knorr cube

Garlic/ginger paste

Salt and pepper according to taste

Milk depends if you put little and it soaks up then add a little more to make gravy.

Preparing Method

Potato and chicken Pie

First sauté sliced onions. Then add cubes of chicken and diced mushrooms.add soya sauce, knorr cube salt and pepper garlic and ginger paste Let it cook on a medium flame till the chicken is tender. Then add pasta to it and if you like to add more soya sauce for taste. Add pasta to all above ingredients. Mix and then add milk on a low flame let it cook up till the milk is little bit thickened. Put it in a serving dish. Cover the whole in the dish with a generous layer of mashed potato. Cover with shredded cheddar cheese on top. Before serving bake it for 10 minutes.

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